Digital Closed Cup Flash Point Tester


  1. Highlighted LED timely displays voltage; with heating power continuously and step-less adjustable; temperature rising precision greatly improved.
  2. With temperature rising adjustment button and air cooking control button.
  3. Designed totally regarding national standard; stirring high and low speed two-way regulation.
  4. High precision air valve adjustment, safe and reliable.

Digital Closed Cup Flash Point Tester the flash point of petroleum products. It complies to the regulated methods of ASTM D93, SH/T 0315 Closed Cup Flash Point Tester Technical Conditions.This analyzer has the function of electronic ignition without air source, self fault checking, high accuracy of testing, strong repeatability, stable and reliable performance, simple operation. It is an ideal flash point analyzer(close cup) for petroleum,chemical, power station, environmental, railway, scientific research etc.



Heating device Heating power: 600W, continuously adjustable: 0-600W
Electric stirring device Motor and flexible axle jointing stirring; stirring vane:


Standard oil cup Inner diameter: 50.8mm; Depth: 56mm Oil test capacity groove depth: 34.2mm Oil test capacity: about 70ml
Ignition device Gas ignition.(or other civil use gases )
Thermometer Internal marked mercury thermometer; complies to GB514 standard.

(1) scale:-30~170°C; scale division: 1°C (2) scale: 100~300°C; scale division: 1°C

Working power AC 220V±10%, 50Hz
Power consumption ≤650W


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