Diaphragm Liquid Transfer Pumps

LIQUIPORT® – Diaphragm Liquid Transfer Pumps
With adjustable flow rate, chemically resistant

Chemically resistant liquid transfer diaphragm pump. Offers wetted material combinations for optimal chemical resistance. Manual control of flow rate with LED indicator.

  1. NEW equipped with brushless DC Motor
  2. Improved service life
  3. With integrated overheating protection
  4. Simple and intuitive operation
  5. Self priming, can run dry
  6. Analog and impulse control (RC)
  7. Splash-proof IP65
  8. Small footprint


  1. Flow Rate: 0.2–1.3 l/min
  2. Pressure (max.): 1 bar (rel.)
  3. Small footprint
  4. Simple, intuitive operation
  5. Manual control
  6. Self-priming, can run dry

Fields of application

• Chemistry
• Synthetic organic chemistry
• Pharmacology
• Adhesives and glue
• Polymers & polymer coating
• Food technology research
• Detergents and solvents














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