Desalinization Equipment

Demineralisation or Deionization of water consists in the removal from it of all water dissolved substances
i.e., of all Cations and Anions.
The raw water is first treated in Hydrogen cation exchange column in which the mass of cations and others
are removed (retained) and replaced by the cation hydrogen. After this, water mainly contains anions and it is
directed to Anion column in which the column is built up of anion exchange material that retains all anions of
strong acids and permits the passage of anion for complete demineralisation.
The conductivity meter provided on the panel is for testing the out-coming treated water from the ANION
column. The reading of 10 or less micromhos in the conductivity meter shows that the out- coming water is of
good quality. If it is above, the DM plant (cation & anion columns) has to be regenerate with Hydrochloric acid
and Sodium Hydroxide


  1. A set of PVC columns, charged with high exchange capacity cation & anion resin with strainer arrangement.
  2. Digital conductivity meter to monitor the quality of deionized water.
  3. A set of flexible PVC tubes with connectors for inlet, outlet & inter-connection of the resin columns.
  4. All are housed in a trolley mounted, corrosion proof mild steel stand for easy mobility.
  5. PVC / FRP regeneration tank for regeneration.
  6. Operation & maintenance manual.




  • pH of feed : 6.5 to 7.5
  • Turbidity : < 5 NTU
  • Feed water TDS : < 300 ppm
  • Free organics : Nil
  • Iron as Fe3 : < 0.1 ppm
  • Oil & Grease : Nil
  • Free Chlorine : Nil
  • Temperature : 45 deg. C max.
  • Silica : < 20 ppm


 Treated water
 Quantity of Resin 
TR-DM502050122 Liter0.32 kg.< 107.5-9.54 lits.4 lits.
TR-DM100301001.524 Liter0.64 kg.< 107.5-9.58 lits.8 lits.
TR-DM200402001.525 Liter0.80 kg.< 107.5-9.510 lits.10 lits.


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