Dissolved Oxygen Meter

  1. Model: Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter TR-DO 6
  2. Range: 0 – 20 mg/L
  3. Display Resolution: 0.1 mg/L
  4. Accuracy (machine only): ± 0.4 mg/L
  5. Operating Temperature: 0 to 50℃
  6. Calibration: Single point calibration in air at 100%
  7. Battery type: DC9V (1604A, 6LF22 or equivalent)
  8. Battery life: Approximately 80 hours


TRANALAB TR-DO 60 is designed for full portability. It is most suitable for use at sea level and for fresh water. It comes with a standard 1 meter probe. An optional 3 or 5 meter probe can be purchased or ordered on request. The specially designed strap-on, hang over bag is fully equipped with all accessories needed to operate the meter. Each unit comes with an extra membrane, a bottle electrolyte and with a salinity conversion table for quick conversion. This basic DO meter is most popular with aquaculture users due to its simplicity. Advanced Features: Utilization of micro controller technology provides fast, accurate readings allowing digital repeatability Fast In-Air calibration. Uses durable long lasting components including a light weight chemical resistant HDPP casing Large and easy to read Liquid Crystal Display


Model Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter TR-DO 60
Range 0 – 20 mg/L
Display Resolution 0.1 mg/L
Accuracy (machine only) ± 0.4 mg/L
Operating Temperature 0 to 50℃
Calibration Single point calibration in air at 100%
Battery type DC9V (1604A, 6LF22 or equivalent)
Battery life Approximately 80 hours
Size 164 x 83 x 35mm
Weight 350gm (main unit including battery)


  • Main instruments D01-01
  • Dissolved oxygen electrode with 1m cable
  • Screwdriver 2174
  • D.O. electrolyte Dissolved oxygen Diaphragm cap (2pc/pack)
  • Carrying case
  • Operation manual


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