1. Volume:260L
  2. Chamber volume:260 L
  3. Range :Ambient+5~60 ℃
  4. Number of shelves :3/8


CO2 Incubator
CO2 Incubator 260L



Fast Heat-Up, Fast-Recovery, Stable Control
6 Sides Direct Heating System
Electric Heating wire is covered on all sides of chamber which makes stable uniformity and provides fast heat-up & temperature recovery.
3 parts of heating section are controlled and calibrated individually by 3 temperature sensors.
Dry Wall and Air Jacket
Warm Air from heating wire is preserved in space between chamber and insulation. It helps temperature recovered faster and minimize heat loss. Dry wall with insulation is not required to regular maintenance.
Fast & Precise Detection for C02 gas regardless of temperature and humidity.
Natural Humidification using Water Tray
The heater on bottom side warm the water in tray and it makes humidification. Circulation fan deliver the moisture formed from the water in entire chamber.
No Condensation
Heating by front door heater & frame heater prevent condensation in chamber and on glass door.
Microprocessor PID Control
Intelligence Control for C02 density, Temperature, Alarm, Automatic Decontamination (Optional).
HEPA filtration of gas supply inlets
Various Option
Various option such as decontamination, Oxygen Control is available in C02 incubators
Customize your incubator with these options
Access port
25mm Access Port is available at left side. (Upon ordering and additional charge)
UV sterilization
4W UV is placed up of chamber ceiling and beside of circulation fan. The UV light is not reached to sample and sterilization is operated during culturing.
Maximum 125℃ Dry Hot Air in WCI-40, WCI-180
No need to remove IR C02 sensor
Monitoring System
Analog connection port has been designed to observe the status of equipment’s in real time even in the far distance.
lower Gas Consumption. lower Heat loss.


Model TR-CO2-260
Chamber volume (L) 260


Range Ambient+5~60
Accuracy ±0.1℃ (37℃)
Resolution 0.1℃
Control Digital PID
Uniformity ±0.4℃ (37℃/RT.20℃)
Heating Capacity 610W




Range 0% ~ 20%
Accuracy ±0.1% (5% / 37℃)
Resolution 0.1%
Sensor IR CO2 Sensor
Control Microprocessor
Inlet pressure range 0.6~0.7bar
Display LED Display
Operating panel Individual 2 Channel Touch Button
Jacket type Dry Wall Type (6 sides heat)
Chamber material Stainless Steel (304)
Number of shelves 3/8
Chamber dimension(W x D x H) 530x590x900mm
Overall dimension(W x D x H) 630x680x1125mm
Weight(kg) 115


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