CO2 Incubator-Mini


  1. 15.2 Liter Chamber
  2. 6.8 kg Light Weight to carry
  3. Portable Use with carrying handle (Car Plug available)
  4. Economical Price & Compact Design for Personal Use
  5. Available size to use in work station or Clean bench
  6. Digital Set-Up for Temperature & C02
  7. Forced Air Circulation by Fan
  8. Excellent Temperature Uniformity
  9. Quick recovery & Precise C02 control by IR Sensor
  10. Cooling with very low noise
    – Two Stainless Steel Shelves (Standard) – Natural Humidification by Water Pan
  11. Cooling & Heating by peltier
  12. Stainless steel Water Tray
  13. Power Plug & Car Jack


CO2 Incubator
CO2 Incubator

Portable Mini CO2 Incubator (PORTABLE)

  1. Volume : 15.2 Liter Chamber
  2. 6.8 kg Light Weight to carry
  3. Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.
  4. Portable System






Product Name Mini CO2 Incubator
Chamber Volume 15.2 liter
Temperature Range 15℃ ~ 45℃(at Ambient 25℃)
Accuracy ±0.25℃
Control Micom
CO2 Range 0 ~ 20%
Sensor Dual Beam IR Sensor
Accuracy ±0.1%(5%)
Gas Pressure 0.7Bar (Max.1Bar)
Humidity Up to 80%
Display LED Display
Cooling & Heating By Peltier (thermoelectric elements)
Shelf 2, Stainless steel (standard) / Max (3ea)
In & Outside Material ABS
Inside(W x Dx H mm) 224x 200 x 340
Outside(W x Dx H mm) 292x 333x 433
Weight 6.8Kg
Power / Frequency 220V , 50/60Hz


  1. DC-COLD: 46W, HOT: 48W
  2. AC-COLD: 63W, HOT: 63W


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