CO2 Incubator-Mini


  1. 15.2 Liter Chamber
  2. 6.8 kg Light Weight to carry
  3. Portable Use with carrying handle (Car Plug available)
  4. Economical Price & Compact Design for Personal Use
  5. Available size to use in work station or Clean bench
  6. Digital Set-Up for Temperature & C02
  7. Forced Air Circulation by Fan
  8. Excellent Temperature Uniformity
  9. Quick recovery & Precise C02 control by IR Sensor
  10. Cooling with very low noise
    – Two Stainless Steel Shelves (Standard) – Natural Humidification by Water Pan
  11. Cooling & Heating by peltier
  12. Stainless steel Water Tray
  13. Power Plug & Car Jack


CO2 Incubator
CO2 Incubator

Portable Mini CO2 Incubator (PORTABLE)

  1. Volume : 15.2 Liter Chamber
  2. 6.8 kg Light Weight to carry
  3. Model: TR-WCI-15R
  4. Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.
  5. Portable System






Product Name TR-WCI-15R
Chamber Volume 15.2 liter
Temperature Range 15℃ ~ 45℃(at Ambient 25℃)
Accuracy ±0.25℃
Control Micom
CO2 Range 0 ~ 20%
Sensor Dual Beam IR Sensor
Accuracy ±0.1%(5%)
Gas Pressure 0.7Bar (Max.1Bar)
Humidity Up to 80%
Display LED Display
Cooling & Heating By Peltier (thermoelectric elements)
Shelf 2, Stainless steel (standard) / Max (3ea)
In & Outside Material ABS
Inside(W x Dx H mm) 224x 200 x 340
Outside(W x Dx H mm) 292x 333x 433
Weight 6.8Kg
Power / Frequency 220V , 50/60Hz


  1. DC-COLD: 46W, HOT: 48W
  2. AC-COLD: 63W, HOT: 63W


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