Cloud Point Pour Point Tester

Automated Cloud And Pour Point Tester, is used in the determination of transformer oil, lubricating oil and light oil and freezing point values of all kinds of chemical raw materials, the instrument adopts the imported refrigeration compressor, refrigeration rate faster, refrigeration function. Etc

Pour point is the lowest temperature when incline-placed solid oil is heated to start moving and cloud point is the highest temperature when oil is cooled to stop moving under regulated conditions. Both are indexes to measure low-temperature fluidity of oil.
Cloud Point & Pour Point Tester , applicable to standard ASTM D97, GB/T510 and GB/T3535, is manly applied to determine the pour point and cloud point of transformer oil, lubricating oil and other oils. It is an ideal analyzing and testing equipment which has advantages of reasonable structure, steady functions and easy operation. It is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, railway, petroleum and other fields.





  1. LCD display, PID intelligent temperature control.
  2. Danvers imported compressor refrigeration with stability, low noise and short time of refrigeration.
  3. High precision PT100 temperature sensor with high test precision.
  4. Instrument timing alarm.


Temperature rage -50°C-80°C. (If it is above the room temperature, extra heater is needed.)
Precision refrigeration±0.3°C,heat±0.1°C
Testing method Manual.
Refrigeration Velocity ≥70°C/h
Method of Refrigeration refrigerated by compressor
Sensor PT100 platinum resistance.
Power 400W-1000W.
Power supply AC220V 50Hz;
Working environment room temperature-45°C.
Weight about 40 KG.


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