Manual Cleveland Flash Point Tester

Manual Cleveland Open Cup Apparatus conforms to the ASTM D92 Test Standard method for Flash and Fire Points by Cleveland open Cup Tester. It uses Cleveland open-cup method to test the flash point & fire point of lubricating oil and couscous petroleum products (excluding fuel oil and petroleum products with open flash point lower than 79°C ).



  • Upper cover comprises standard fireball compare, easy to operate.
  • Heating with step-less voltage regulator, heating-rate is evenness.

Technical parameters:

  1. Rated voltage: AC 220 V±10% 50 Hz
  2. Heating power: 0~1000 W (Continuously adjustable)
  3. Temperature measurement range: 90~400°C
  4. Ignition gas: Pipeline coal gas, Liquid gas, and gas pressure less than 10 Kpa
  5. Ignition way: Ignition is controlled by hand
  6. Ambient requirement: Temperature: 10~40°C
  7. Humidity≤85%


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