Cetrifuge Immunology dan Kimia Kilik

Specs of High Speed Centrifuge TR-HSC3018

  1. Microcomputer control, LCD liquid crystal display(LCD)
  2. AC frequency conversion motor drive, quiet operation clean.
  3. Offers nine ascending and descending rate selection mode, Offer ten kinds of working mode selection, can free programming call.
  4. Speed/centrifugal force can be set and double synchronous display screen



  1. Angel rotor 21000 RPM 22182 (MaxRCFxg) ; Vol: 12×0.5ml
  2. Angel rotor 18000RPM 23198(MaxRCFxg) ; Vol: 12×1.5ml /2.2ml
  3. Angel rotor 16000RPM 20049(MaxRCFxg) ; Vol: 24×1.5ml /2.2ml
  4. Angel rotor 16000RPM 17459(MaxRCFxg) ; Vol: 12×5ml
  5. Angel rotor 14000RPM 18188(MaxRCFxg) ; Vol:12×10ml
  6. Angel rotor 16000RPM 21504(MaxRCFxg) ; Vol:48×0.5ml
  7. Angel rotor 16000RPM 23194(MaxRCFxg) ; Vol:36×1.5ml /2.2ml
  8. Angel rotor 12000RPM 14170(MaxRCFxg) ; Vol:8×15ml
  9. Angel rotor 12000RPM 16099(MaxRCFxg) ; Vol:6×50ml
  10. Angel rotor 10000RPM 10170(MaxRCFxg) ; Vol: 6×100ml
  11. Swing-out rotor 5000RPM 3775(MaxRCFxg) ; Vol:4×50ml
  12. Swing-out rotor 6000RPM 5582(MaxRCFxg) ; Vol:8×15ml
Items TR-HSC3018
Max speed 21000rpm
Max Rcf 23194 × g
Speed accuracy ±100 rpm
Noise ≤55dB
Timer range 1min~99:99:59(hh:mm:ss)


≤8℃ (running 20minutes)
Power supply AC 220V 50HZ
Power 550VA
Weight 50kg




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