Benchtop Turbidity Meter

  • Model: TR-TBB200
  • Turbidity Range: 0~2000 NTU/FNU, 0~500 EBC, 0~9999 ASBC
  • TSS Range: Deponds on conversion factor
  • Resolution: 0.01 (0~100 NTU), 0.1 (100~999 NTU), 1 (999~2000 NTU)


TR-TBB200 Bench-top Turbidity Meter:
Multi-parameter bench-top turbidity meter with the Total Suspended Solids measurement mode, 2 to 7 points calibration, selectable 4 turbidity units. The meter is suitable for laboratory use.


  1. Multi parameter bench-top turbidity meter is equipped with a 4.5 inches TFT display.
  2. 2 to 7 points calibration using the Formazin Standards.
  3. Selectable 4 turbidity units, including the NTU, FNU, EBC and ASBC.
  4. TSS conversion factor ensures the accurate measurement of the total suspended solids.
  5. Auto-Read function senses and locks a stable reading.

Benchtop Turbidity Meter:

  1. Setup menu allows setting the date and time, measurement mode, resolution, auto-power off,
  2. Password protection prevents the unauthorized calibration and settings.
  3. Expanded memory stores or recalls up to 200 data sets.
  4. Reset function automatically resumes all settings back to the factory defaults.
  5. USB communication interface is easy to transfer data to PC.

Bench-top Turbidity Meter: Applications:

  1. Industrial wastewater plants
  2. Municipal water and other industrial applications


Bench-top Turbidity Meter
Art.No. TR-TBB200
Measurement Method ISO 7027 nephelometric method (90°)
Turbidity Range 0~2000 NTU/FNU, 0~500 EBC, 0~9999 ASBC
TSS Range Deponds on conversion factor
Resolution 0.01 (0~100 NTU), 0.1 (100~999 NTU), 1 (999~2000 NTU)
  Accuracy ±2% (0~500 NTU), ±3% (501~2000 NTU)
Calibration Standards 0.02, 10, 200, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 NTU or User-Defined
Light Source Infrared-emitting diode (850 nm wavelength)
 Detector Silicon Photodiode
 Stray Light < 0.02 NTU
Sample Vials 60(H) ×25(Dia)mm



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