Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor

  1. Nucleic Acid Extractor, Automatic
  2. High throughput:1-32
  3. Huge kit portfolio
  4. Pre-filled 96-well plates
  5. Easy to set up and run
  6. No cross contamination
  7. The residual amount of magnetic beads <0.5%


Nucleic acid extraction is the first step of any amplification experiment no matter what kind of amplification is used to detect a specific pathogen

It is a crucial pre-analytic step in the development and performance of any successful molecular diagnostic method and ensures a reliable result.

The intelligent cycle magnetic absorption function can realize the magnetic bead residue of any system < 0.5%;
The magnetic rod can be dismantled to facilitate repair and change, hence prolong the device use time;
Adjustable to multiple scales and modules, and meet the requirements of different trials;
Adopt deep vacuum heating strip of strong wrapping ability, and reduce the bias between set temperature and actual temperature;
Mounted with ultraviolet disinfectant device and level 11 HEPA high efficiency air filter net, and reduce aerosol pollution effectively;
Adopt Linux system and interchange easily between Chinese and English interface;
Able to save program according to extraction type, convenient for search.


Working voltage AC110-240V,50-60Hz
Working temperature 10-40°C
Working humidity Below 80%
Specimen flux 1-32, minimum specimen disposal amount:1 specimen/time
Extracted plate position 2 positions
Applicable consumables 96 deep well plate, 6-well reagent stripe etc.
Heating position Column 2,6,8,12 can be heated
Temperature control Room temperature – 99°C
Working volume 20-1000ul
Magnetic bead recovery rate >99.5%
Screen display Graphic color control panel is ok for independent use, computer is not needed.
Sensation equipment Pyroelectric technique
Operation interface 10 inch, 1024 x 768 color screen, interchangeable between Chinese and English
Net set Ethernet can be extended to realize remote control
Ultraviolet light Yes
Pollution control Level 11 HEPA filter net
External dimension (405mmx350mmx465mm) mm±10mm
Instrument weight 22.5kg±0.5kg
USB interface Yes
Noise <60db
Experiment storage At most 64 accounts can be established, and each account has at most 100 program storage spaces
Program management Program classified management function is built inside, and the program can be pre-set
Oscillatory mix Adjustable with multiple modules and scales
Magnetic absorption module One step magnetic absorption and multiple magnetic absorption
Magnetic absorption cycle time 1-10 adjustable


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