Automatic Double Water Still LWD-3005D

Features :

  1. Fully Automatic Operation System
    – Sensing water level in boiling chamber to protect heater from over heating
    – Sensing water supply to control distillation process
    – Sensing water level in reservoir to start and stop distillation automatically
  2. Easy to use and maintenance free
  3. Built-in Large Storage Tank for Distilled Water, Ready for use
  4. Safety Devices with over current leakage breaker and water level switch


Spesifications :

Dimensions (W x D x H mm) 570x600x600680x720x650
Capacity8.0ℓ /hour16.0ℓ /hour
Cooling WaterApprox. 35 ~ 60 ℓApprox. 60 ~ 90 ℓ
MaterialInteriorStainless Steel Boiler
Stainless Steel Storage Tank
Stainless Steel Boiler
Stainless Steel Storage Tank
Exterior Powder Coating Steel CasePowder Coating Steel Case
Reservoir11ℓ SUS Storage Tank16-20ℓ SUS Storage Tank
OperationFully Automatic OperationFully Automatic Operation
Signal LampDistill, Full, WaterDistill, Full, Water
SafetyOver Temp Protector
Water Flow Level Sensor
Water Supply Cut Off
Over Temp Protector
Water Flow Level Sensor
Water Supply Cut Off
Electric Supply220V 50/60Hz220V 50/60Hz


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