Steam Sterilizer Vertical Loading LAC-5060SD

Steam Sterilizer

Class N Sterilization Air Removal


Pre-vacuum and post vacuum Drying system
Pre-vacuum for effective air removal that results in increasing sterilization performance.
Post-vacuum for drying with remaining system removal
Microprocessor PID program controller with self auto-tuned and LCD display
3 pre-programmed (wrapped, unwrapped, liquid course) and 1 Bowie-dick test and 1 user manual mode
Full automatic operation system with working process cycle LED indicator
Easy operation with full automatic cycle by micro processor, from beginning to end cycle
Sterilization temperature 110°C to 135°C EN-13060-2 /EN -285 class B sterilization
Pre-vacuum-water filling-heating-sterilizing-ventilation-post vacuum drying-end cycle
Self-diagnostic and safety system
In case of any malfunction, it alarms and displays error codes for easy maintenance, being stop working with automatic ventilation process for safety


Autoclave / Steam Sterilizer Vertical Loading LAC-5060SD Class N 60 Liter

Class N Sterilization Gravity Air Removal





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