All-In-One Filtration Systems

* Compact and portable design
* Combines all necessary items for filtration
* Large variety of filtration flasks
* Oil-free vacuum provision
* Easy maintenance
* Low noise level
* Manual pressure control
* Availability of chemical resistant systems


Product Content Application Area
TR-VF203A Oil-free vacuum pump

VF6 filtration flask set

High-pressure resistant tube

0.2 μm water-blocking filter

Fiberglass filter membrane fiberglass filter membrane (47mm / 1 μm)

Normal filtration

Suspended solids measurement



Model TR-VF 203A
Working mode All-In-One Filtration System
Power (W) 60W
Ultimate vacuum(mbar) 150mbar
Max. Flow Rate(L/min) 17 L/min
Tube I.D. (mm) 8
Motor Speed (rpm) 1450 RPM
Weight (kg) 7.1
Noise Level (dB) 50
Contained Filtration Glass Set TR-VF6
Order No. HP 081270868021


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