Aging Test Oven

Ideal for test of Rubber, Resin plastic Electronic Parts

Programmable Controller (Optional)
Programmable Controller (Optional)

Features :

  1. Adjustable Air Vent System
  2. Temperature Control up to 250°C and 350°C
  3. Microprocessor PID Temperature Controller
  4. 10 step program temperature and time, 999 cycle
  5. Complete sealed stainless steel chamber
  6. High efficiency, High clean Mechanism
  7. Rapid heat-up time 30 minutes to 250°C
  8. Filter air supply and ventilation
    Forced air circulation by sirocco fan
    Fully equipped with safety device and alarm
    Built-in removable geared rotator controlled by feedback control motor from 0 to 10 rpm


Spesifications :

Dimensions (W x D x H mm)Inner500 x 500 x 600500 x 500 x 600
Outer700 x 800 x 1600700 x 800 x 1600
ControllerMicroprocessor PID Program Controller with alarm systemMicroprocessor PID Program Controller with alarm system
SpeedRange0 to 10 rpm0 to 10 rpm
ControlElectronic Feed Back ControllerElectronic Feed Back Controller
TemperatureRangeAmbient + 15°C to 250°C (Option up to 350°C)Ambient + 15°C to 250°C (Option up to 350°C)
Set Accuracy±1.0°C± 1.0°C
Uniformity± 2.0°C at 120°C± 2.0°C at 120°C
RotatorØ200 Stainless Steel Plate x 2EA80ℓØ200 Stainless Steel Plate x 2EA
Material InteriorStainless Steel Stainless Steel
ExteriorPowder coated EGI steelPowder coated EGI steel
Electric Supply220V or 380V 3 Ph 4 line, 50/60Hz220V or 380V 3 Ph 4 line, 50/60Hz


Tuliskan Nama Instansi atau PT atau CV
Tuliskan Nomer HP atau WA



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