Brand: Daihan Labtech. Co. Ltd. Solusion Total untuk Laboratorium dan Kesetaraan Ilmiah

Daihan Labtech. Co. Ltd

Menyediakan Solusion Total untuk Laboratorium dan Kesetaraan Ilmiah, diantaranya: Peralatan Bio Medis, Ruang Pertumbuhan Enviromental, Vaccum dan Oven Pengeringan Industri, Ruang Uji Industri, dan Laboratorium Metal Furnitures.

Berikut ini adalah Produk – produk Alat Laboratorium, Alat Kesehatan, Alat Industri Brand Korea:
Bath & Circulator
Water Bath
Oil Bath
Viscosight Bath
Extraxtion Water Bath
Shaking Water Bath
Bath Circulator
Immersion Bath Circulator
Cold Trap
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Water Purification System
Ultrapure Water Purification
Glass Water Still
Basic Water Still
Automatic Water Still
Mufle Furnace
Tube Furnace
Elevator Furnace
High Temperature Furnace
Hotplate & Stirrer
Jumbo Hotplate
Dry Block Heater
Mechanical Stirrer
Vaccum Pump
Roller Mixer

Universal Drying Oven
Natural Convection Oven
Force Convection Oven
Hi-Temp. Oven
Vaccum Drying Oven
Jumbo Vaccum Drying Oven
Clean Air Oven
Industrial Drying Oven
Industrial Chart Oven
Cure and Inert Oven
Explosion Proof Oven
Aging Test Oven
Incubator – Shaker
General Incubator
Low Temp BOD Incubator
Multi Room Incubator
Peltier Cooled Incubator
Air Jacket CO2 Incubator
Shaking Incubator
Steam Sterilizer – Autoclave
Bech Top Steam Sterilizer
Vertical Steam Sterilizer
Large Steam Sterilizer
Pass Through Steam Sterilizer

Laminar Flow – Fume Hood
Laminar Flow Clean Bench
Bio Safety Cabinet Class II-A2
Bio Safety Cabinet Class II-B2
Air Sterilizer Purifier
Fume Hood
Growth Chamber
CO2 Plant Growth Chamber
Culture Chamber
Universal Growth Chamebr
Giant Enviromental Chamber
Enviromental Growth Room
Refrigerator – Freezer
Blood Bank Refrigerator
Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
Laboratory Refrigerator
Laboratory Freezer
Blood Plasma Freezer
Bio Medical Freezer (Upright)
Bio Medical Freezer (Chest)
Deep Freezer (Upright)
Deep Freezer (Chest)
Cold Storage Chamber
Lab Frame – Rubber Products
Lab Frame
Silicone Tubing
Safety Pipet Filler

PT. TRIAS NATHOMI CHEMINDO adalah Distributor & Supplier Alat – alat Laboratorium, Alat Kesehatan, Alat Industri dan Chemicals.
Silahkan hubungi kami untuk kebutuhan alat-alat Laboratorium anda.








PT.TRIAS NATHOMI CHEMINDO is one company that is engaged in trading of Laboratory Instruments, Equipment and Apparatus and also Chemical Reagents, as well as Quality Test Instrumentation and Equipment. Founded in 2009, has built a good cooperation with the company’s various business sectors such as Pharmacy, Hospitality and Health Sector, Food Processing Plants , Palm Oil Processing Plants, Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing sector, Education sector, the Laboratory Testing of Air Quality, Water and Soil, Oil and Gas Sectors, the Catch of Fish Processing Plants, and others. We are committed to provide the best service and after-sales service and good training to our customers VISION: Being one of the best distributors of Laboratory Equipment and Apparatus, Instrumentation and tools Analytical MISSION: Perform continuous improvement in providing the best service, Competitive Prices and High Quality Please contact us for the purposes of the list of catalog and price list

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